Gillian in High School

When we responded to Deep Thought with our findings, he replied with a "{snicker}". He continued, "So close! But 1983 is when it all began." He attached this photo to his e-mail, which our experts said was probably Gillian (or the clone), a year older than our "1982" snapshot, with a better hairstyle, and a somewhat rebellious, smart-mouthed attitude. In other words: 9th grade. "I don't remember who took this picture," Deep Thought added, "but I was photo editor that year, so there's a good chance that I did. I =can= confirm that her hair wasn't always red... sometimes it was dyed less natural colors. {smile}" High-magnification examination of the image confirmed that it had been scanned from an offset-printed photograph. Just like in City's other yearbooks.

We were impressed by his resources, and his claim to be a schoolmate of Gillian explained how he could know so much. But so far he hadn't produced anything that a reasonably good detective or stalker couldn't have come up with. Except for that rather questionable negative, all of this was published information, available to anyone who knew how to break into a high school library.

We pressed our source for more information, but he wasn't forthcoming, claiming that the somewhat private Ms. Anderson would probably be upset if he divulged too much. We decided it was time for him to prove himself and produce something new and valuable, or shove off. On a hunch, we implied that - in exchange for the information we wanted - we could set him up to meet Nicholas Lea, who had played handsome double-agent Alex Krycek. He fell for it. Two days later, we received an express-mail envelope containing several never-before-published photographs and a variety of other information. We finally had all the pieces we needed. We'd learned the Truth about Gillian's first foray into acting:

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