Gillian and Him on Stage

"I was on stage with her! I was Mortimer Brewster, the Cary Grant character. He's a cynical drama critic and the male romantic lead. It figures that I, of all people, got the one part in the play that required a passionate male/female kiss on stage. My first lip-locking kiss, and it had to be on stage in front of all my friends and my parents... and with a girl. {shrug} Anyway, it was the pinacle of my dramatic career. In this snapshot of the curtain call, I'm the well-dressed fella second from your left; Gillian is between the priest and the guy in the hat. And pretty clearly, eating up the applause. {grin}"

 The credits from the program gave us the name of our source (if he really was who he claimed to be): Todd VerBeek. He's also credited with the illustration on the cover of the program, though we noticed that it bears two signatures. A closer examination of the image suggests that parts of it were drawn by two different artists. We confronted him about that, and he claims that another classmate started it, and he did some fixes and finalized it.

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