Gillian in Action

The photo to the left shows "Officer Brophy" in action, apprehending "Jonathan Brewster" (played by Chris Boyd). David Duchovny's predecessor as Gillian's "partner" was Amy Spungen, who appeared in the role of "Officer Klein". The color photo below shows the duo standing over the unconscious villain, as their superior Lt. Rooney (Sue Trowbridge) confronts "President" Teddy Brewster (Jeff LaFleur).

We got Deep Thought online in a chat session to pump him for more depth and detail. He assured us, "Yes, she really was as short as she looks in this photo. I apologise for the poor quality of the image: the black and white ones are old negatives, originally under-exposed and under-developed. And the color picture was taken using the wrong color-balance film for the lighting, which is why the color looks so fake. But don't blame me. =I= didn't take these pictures. I couldn't, because I was otherwise occupied at the time." We didn't ask him to explain; it was obvious he was ready to talk, and would spill it all soon enough. It took about three seconds.

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